Q.01 When was BTS Group Holdings PCL founded?

BTS Group Holdings PCL was initially founded on March 26, 1968 under the name Tanayong Co., Ltd. as a property development business.

Subsequently, BTS Group Holdings is re-classified from the Property Development (Property & Construction) Sector to Transportations & Logistics (Services) Sector of the Stock Exchange of Thailand in May 2010.

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The company acquired ordinary shares of Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company (BTSC) and its subsidiaries on May 4, 2010. This acquisition was considered to be a business combination under common control.

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After completing our business restructuring, BTS Group’s businesses can be classified into three main categories which are;

  • MOVE business: focusing on the daily transportation of people, whether on rail, road or water. Our goal is to accompany our passenger for their full ‘door to door’ journey without interruption. For more information, please visit “Our MOVE business”.
  • MIX business: the combination of our “in house” data analytics and data science capabilities together with the Offline-to-Online (O2O) Solutions that we provide to our clients across our Advertising, Payment and Logistics platforms. These unique and market leading third party services are provided by our majority-owned and separately listed subsidiary, VGI PCL and its associate, Kerry Express Thailand. For more information, please visit “Our MIX business”.
  • MATCH business: where we cultivate strategic partnerships. Here, we leverage off our unique and proprietary MOVE and MIX platforms to deliver enhanced reach and insight to our partners. We also receive mutual benefit which can be realised across a variety of different business models, such as revenue share or equity (or dividend) income. For more information, please visit “Our MATCH business”.

For more information, please visit “Our Business”

BTS Group has developed an innovative ‘3M strategy’; MOVE, MIX and MATCH, that leverages off its proprietary and primary MOVE and MIX networks.

Under the ‘Sharing Economy’ concept, BTS Group provides a unique MATCH solution to its partners; sharing access to both its MOVE network (providing ACCESS to customers) and its MIX network (providing broad and customised audience REACH).

Our MOVE network itself is a pioneering concept whereby we aim to provide convenient and safe door to door transportation solutions to customers, which purposefully support UNSDG13 (climate action) by reducing carbon emissions and improving living conditions.

Our MIX network has advanced beyond its leading OOH media capability to provide comprehensive O2O solutions combining advertising, payment and logistics services, incorporating smart DATA for optimising insight and customer satisfaction.

BTS Group’s fiscal year starts from 1st April to 31st March. The earnings release dates are as follows;

1Q (1st April – 30th June) is within August,
2Q (1st July - 30th September) is within November,
3Q (1st October – 31st December) is within February, and
4Q (1st January - 31st March) is within May.

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The Company has a policy of paying dividend at the rate of no less than 50% of net profit after tax in accordance with the Company's financial statements (on a standalone basis). The Company shall pay dividend in the following fiscal year taking into consideration the cash flow from the operation of the business. The annual dividend payment announcement must be approved at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. As for the interim dividend payment, the Company's Board of Directors may deem it appropriate to pay interim dividend if the Company has sufficient profits and working capital for business operation after the interim dividend payment. The Board of Directors has the responsibility to inform shareholders of the payment in the subsequent shareholders meeting.

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Our registrar is Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. (TSD). They keep records of our company's register of shareholders including name, address, and number of shares held.

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