Our History


Established as a limited company under the name Tanayong Company Limited (Tanayong)


Tanayong was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the Property Development sub-index.


Tanayong shifted its business emphasis to Rail Mass Transit under Bangkok Transit System Corporation Ltd. (BTSC), signing the concession contract with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to design, build and operate Bangkok’s first mass transit system (BTS SkyTrain Core Network).


Asian financial crisis hit the region. Tanayong and BTSC suffered under the weight of dollar-denominated debt as the Thai Baht depreciate against the US Dollar by more than 130% in less than 6 months.


Commenced operation of the BTS SkyTrain Core Network


Tanayong and BTSC successfully exited from court supervised rehab procedures following the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis.


Commenced operation of the Silom Line extension

Expanded into Media business through 100% acquisition of VGI PCL (VGI)


Acquired 94.6% of BTSC and changed the Company name to BTS Group Holdings PCL (BTS Group).

BTSC began operations and maintenance of Bangkok’s inaugural Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.


Commenced operation of the Sukhumvit line extension


BTSC awarded the O&M contract covering Green Line extension 1 and Core Network (post concession expiration).

VGI, a subsidiary of the Company, was successfully listed on the SET under the ticker symbol ‘VGI’.


BTS Group listed Thailand’s first Infrastructure Fund, BTS Rail Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure Fund (BTSGIF), which has the net farebox revenue for Core Network

Commenced operation of the Silom line extension


BTS Group strengthened its property business through the acquisition of 35.6% of listed property company named ‘U City PCL (U City)’.


BTSC awarded the O&M contract for the Northern and Southern Green Line extensions.

A BTS Group subsidiary (BTS Group shareholding of 75%) won the concession contracts from the Mass Transit Rapid Authority of Thailand (MRTA) for the Pink and Yellow Lines.


BTS Group completed the restructuring of its Property business into U City

BTSC awarded the O&M contract of the Gold Line (Phase 1)

Commenced operation of the Southern Green Line Extension

VGI transition from traditional OOH media to Offine-to-Online (O2O) Solutions provider under the new vision ‘Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow’

VGI acquires 23.0%1 in Kerry Express (Thailand) PCL or Kerry Express, the country’s leader in parcel delivery

1As of March 2021, VGI held 18% in Kerry Express after Kerry Express’s IPO in Dec 2020


A BTS Group Joint Venture Company (BTS Group shareholding of 35%) entered into a PPA to build U-Tapao international airport, Bangkok’s third airport.

A BTS Group Joint Venture Company (BTS Group shareholding of 40%) was selected as the best bidder for 2 intercity motorways; M6 and M81

Commenced operation of the Northern Green Line extension
Commenced operation of the Gold Line (Phase 1)


BTS Group introduced new ‘3M strategy’; MOVE, MIX and MATCH with the new slogan ‘Borderless, Transform, Solutions’