The MATCH business unit aims to create business opportunities through potential partnerships that synergise with the Group’s Companies. Gaining access to our proprietary MOVE and MIX platforms, the MATCH unit is able to capitalise from this “Sharing Economy” concept in which established partners are welcome to join and seek mutual benefits together. This unique benefit includes repeat daily patronage, increase advertising reach and data insights for our business partners to expand their customer network and broaden their business expansions.

The results of the partnership can be realised in many forms such as increased reach, improved business operations, revenue sharing, higher profit and dividend. Our MATCH business also encapsulates a diversified portfolio ranging from financial services within Rabbit Holdings, other subsidiaries and associates such as F&B businesses and construction management-related services.

Strategic Partnerships

BTS Group has invested and partnered up with diversified leading listed and non-listed companies to capture untapped opportunities to create mutual benefits. Utilizing our proprietary MOVE and MIX capabilities, our partners would be able to gain additional insights through data across different industries to bring catered solutions geared toward their clienteles. The Company and its partners are able to leverage off each other’s strengths towards the same goal in order to sustain each other’s growth potentials.

Financial Services via Rabbit Holdings Public Company Limited

Rabbit Holdings, our listed associated company (Bloomberg ticker RABBIT/P TB & RABBIT TB; shareholding of 46.50%). This year, Rabbit Holdings rebranded its insurance business from Advance Life Insurance Public Company Limited to Rabbit Life Insurance Public Company Limited, or Rabbit Life, as well as changing the Rabbit Life logo. This is part of the integration process under BTS Group’s 3M strategy (MOVE MIX and MATCH) to align with a wider customer target group, more modern branding as well as to prepare to create synergies. Moreover, Rabbit Life has developed products under the concept ‘Customixed’ (Customise + Mix), where clients are able to personalise their insurance requirements. This allows the Company to access different varieties of customer profiles, enabling Rabbit Life to offer comprehensive and cost-effective insurance programmes suited for individual client needs.

Property development via Rabbit Holdings Public Company Limited

Rabbit Holdings, our listed associated company (Bloomberg ticker RABBIT/P TB & RABBIT TB; shareholding of 46.50%) is a global capital allocator with a geographically and segmentally diversified portfolio of assets that includes recurring income property business in hospitality, offices and alternative segments that is enhanced by a residential property development for sales business. Rabbit Holdings is the dedicated property development vehicle for the Company.

Prevention of conflicts of interest between the Company and Rabbit Holdings

Thana City Golf and Sports Club

Established in 1993, the club provides a complete range of athletic and leisurely facilities to clients. The golf course has a world class driving range, putting green, a short-game practice area. For athletic and lifestyle facilities are similarly top-drawer and include a luxurious clubhouse and comprehensive, multiple-sports facilities. It is widely known as one of the leading venues for competitions, corporate golf and outings in Bangkok.

F&B Business

The Company is interested in investing in the Food & Beverage business. We have collaborated with renowned and Michelin Star chefs (or equivalent) to open restaurants in Thailand namely J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain, located in U Sathorn Bangkok Hotel and Antito Bangkok, located in Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn.

Moreover, in 2018, the Company also established Turtle 23 Co., Ltd. (Turtle 23) to operate the restaurant management business. As of 31 March 2023, we invested and managed in 16 restaurants including Keller, Gaa, Kavee, Baan, NUSARA, Mayrai, Lahnyai by NUSARA, ThepNakorn, Samut, Sushi Saryu, Chim by Siam Wisdom, Maison Dunand, Alpea, T-Break, Kappo Takashi and ChefMan Restaurant (ChefMan), a premium Chinese restaurant chain. There are three branches of ChefMan Restaurant, Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn branch, Thana City branch and Ratchadamri branch.

Construction Services Business

Within this business, is the joint venture between the Company and Li Kay Engineering, a Hong Kong based civil and foundation company established HHT Construction Co., Ltd (HHT). Its current project is constructing “The Unicorn” – a seminally-located mixed-use building under Rabbit Holdings.

The joint venture focuses on constructions and construction management businesses; projects under its management in the past includes Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok, Abstracts Phahonyothin Park, Thana City Golf Course and Sports Club renovation, U Sathorn Bangkok Hotel and Verso International School.