Our 3M Strategy delivers borderless long-lasting solutions to transform towards a better tomorrow

“BTS Group continues to deliver BORDERLESS TRANSFORM SOLUTIONS to its customers towards a greener and brighter future”

MR. Keeree Kanjanapas

Chairman of the Board of Directors /
Chairman of the Executive Committee /
Chairman of the Sustainability Committee
Read On Sustainability Report FY 2022/23
Sustainability has been deep-rooted into BTS Group’s philosophy to foster the expansion of positive impact through creating value for all our stakeholders. Leveraging it as a guiding principle in our day-to-day operations, our Sustainability philosophy enables our Company to develop pioneering products and services under our innovative 3M Strategy - MOVE MIX MATCH, to specifically empower the people, communities, and society we serve. Our long-standing commitment to Sustainable Development has been the constant rationale behind all our business decisions. By doing so, this enforces operational Environmental, Economic and Governance and Social integration throughout our business to promote sustainable growth.


World’s Most Sustainable Transportation Company

Included within the S&P Global Yearbook 2023 as the sole company in the “Top 1% S&P Global ESG Score 2022” distinction in the Transportation and Transportation Infrastructure (TRA) sector

The First and Only Carbon Neutral Rail Transportation Company

Carbon Neutral status as certified by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO)

Member of Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI)

Listed within the THSI from the Stock Exchange of Thailand for its outstanding ESG performance

CDP Climate Change Assessment

Awarded ‘A-’ score for its second year of submission

ESG Bond of the Year

Awarded for the THB 20bn sustainability-linked bond issuance from IFR Asia Awards 2022

‘5-star’ rating or ‘Excellent’ rating in Corporate Governance

Certified member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption with a ‘5-star’ rating in Corporate Governance