Corruption means the seeking of unlawful benefits for private or others’ gains, whether directly or indirectly, in all forms, including bribery, political supports, charitable contributions, sponsorships, gifts, hospitality, etc. Corruption gives rise to unfairness and causes damages to the business, economy, society and the country at large. The coalition to take a firm stand against corruption is for the interest of all.

BTS Group is committed to a firm stand against corruption and does not tolerate any forms of corruption.  BTS Group does not allow reprisals of any kind against the Company’s personnel who refuse to condone corruption even if such refusal will cause the Group to lose its business opportunity.

The Company’s personnel, including any persons involving in the Company’s business operations, shall strictly comply with the Company’s policy on anti-corruption, as well as avoiding involvement, whether directly or indirectly, with any forms of corruption. The Company’s personnel shall place importance on transparency and integrity when transacting businesses with business partners, officers or government agencies in order to avoid inappropriate acts or violation against the Company’s policy on anti-corruption or unlawful acts under the laws on corruption.

The Company’s personnel shall not be negligent of any corruption involving the Company and shall report any acts that are suspicious of corruption within the Group through the whistle blowing channels on the intranet system or email at:, or “Nudual Chuan Chee Chong Hotline” at telephone no. 1 800 292 777 or +66 (0) 2677 2800 or email: which are intake system operated by an unaffiliated service provider. All reports will be handled confidentially. The reporter may choose to remain anonymous.

Complaint Channels

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