BTS Group wins the “Climate Action Leading Organisation” award at the Carbon Neutral Network Thailand 2023 Award Ceremony


On November 15, 2023, Ms. Sinatta Kiewkhong, Director of Investor Relations and Director of Sustainability at BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited, represented the company in receiving the Climate Action Leading Organisation (CALO) award from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO). With the intention to promote collaboration between public, private, and local community organisations in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the CALO award highlights a company’s dedication towards Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero for Thailand. The award was presented by Mr. Kiatchai Maitriwong, Director of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation, at the Rama Gardens Hotel Bangkok. Among the 517 organisations in the Carbon Neutral Network Thailand, BTS Group is one of the 52 organisations to receive this award.

The CALO award is given to organisations showcasing exemplary leadership in the management and accountability of their greenhouse gas emissions through a dedicated commitment to reducing emissions, striving for organisational carbon neutrality. Recipient organisations are required to articulate clear annual emission reduction targets and possess well-defined action plans that align with scientific principles and the overarching objectives of the Paris Agreement. Additionally, they must hold certifications for their carbon footprint for organisation (CFO) from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation or adhere to other globally recognised standards.