Our Ambition


To provide sustainable “City Solutions” that contribute to an improved way of life


We aim to provide a sustainable and leading set of “City Solutions” to urban communities across Asia, supporting critical needs in our four principal business areas: Mass Transit, Media, Property, and Services.


Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Our success is dependent on our ability to develop long-lasting customer relationships. This will be achieved by listening, understanding, and anticipating our customers’ needs and delivering products or services that satisfy those needs. We are professional, accountable and transparent and always strive to be responsive.

Creating Shareholder Value

We strive to deliver accretion of shareholder value through earnings growth and improvement in operational effectiveness. Specifically, we aim to deliver long-term shareholder returns to our investors that outperform returns from investment alternatives with a similar risk profile.

Supporting Sustainable Growth

Our client base and shareholder value must be enhanced in a sustainable manner. We conduct our business upholding sustainable practices that reduce environmental impact compared to competing products and services.

Developing Communities

We are an integral part of the communities which we operate in. We provide “City Solutions” that enhance our customers’ sense of community. We contribute revenues and resources to work with local communities supporting education and children’s welfare and we promote the health and well-being of the Employees and their families.

Strategy and Long-term Goal

BTS Group companies aim to be the leader in developing and operating Rail Mass Transit in Thailand, reinforce our position as the leading Out-of-Home (OOH) Media player in the country and selectively expand our network across the ASEAN region, cautiously grow our Property business, and lead Bangkok cashless society via smart purse e-Payment solutions.

We based our strategies on five foundations:


Experiences in rail mass transit


Synergy across all four businesses with rail mass transit at our core


Financial Strength




Stakeholder Satisfaction

BTS Group will grow our four businesses in line with the urbanization of Thailand, and provide the community with a unique and comprehensive range of “City Solutions” that significantly contributes to an improved way of life.