BTS Group achieves CG Score at Excellent level, for the 8th consecutive years


BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited, has been assessed the corporate governance scoring, at an “excellent” level, for the eighth consecutive years, out of the total 677 listed companies entering the assessment, under the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies 2019 Project.

Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) with support from Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), had recently announced corporate governance assessment results for 2019, under the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies Project (CGR), which aims to improve corporate governance level of Thai listed companies.

This year, BTS Group Holdings achieved total scores at an “Excellent” level and received 5 National Corporate Governance Committee’s logos, for the eighth consecutive years. This showcases the Company’s focus on and responsibility for the environment, society and governance to create sustainable development.

Regarding Its 2019 CGR findings covering 677 listed companies, the 2019 overall average score of 82 percent is considered very good and is the highest average score since 2001. An improvement signified that Thai listed companies have placed more emphasis on business sustainability and proactive board leadership corresponding to the CG Code and investors’ expectation.