BTS Group donates a charity fund to improve the Makut Khiriwan Hospital


Khun Rangsin Kritalug, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited, presented a donation amounted THB 5,127,573.25 participating in a charity fund, raised by Wat Makut Khiriwan, in collaboration with Chulabhorn Royal Academy, to improve the Makut Khiriwan Hospital.

Makut Khiriwan Hospital, located in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, is a small 30-bed hospital, providing general treatment, accidents and emergency, including Thai traditional medicine to people in Pong Ta Long Sub-district. The hospital was established in 2011 by Phra Yanan Dilok, Abbot of Makut Khiriwan Temple, who saw that the sick people in Pong Ta Long district must travel to receive medical services at Pak Chong Nana Hospital, which is far away. Therefore he gave 7 rai of land to establish a small hospital. Initially, Khun Keeree Kanjanapas, Chairman of the Executive Board of BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited and friends, donated money for the construction of the outpatient and accident building, Thai traditional medicine building, and elderly building. Meanwhile Pak Chong Nana Hospital had organized a multidisciplinary team to provide services. Later in 2018, Makut Khiriwan Hospital had been offered to be hospital in the care of Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn, the Princess Srisavangavadhana, aiming to take care of people, officials and courtiers in the area of Thip Phiman Palace. The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Public Health assigned to the 9th health zone in Nakhon Ratchasima Province to be the main responsible unit to develop the potential of the hospital to be effective and standard quality.