BTS Group celebrates the elaborate coronation ceremony for His Majesty the King Rama X


BTS Group has created the special BTS SkyTrain to celebrate the coronation ceremony for His Majesty the King Maha Vajiralongkorn, formally known as Rama X of the Chakri dynasty, which will be held during 4th to 6th May 2019. Two train boogies are wrapped in gold-yellow colour with Thai pattern, decorated with a blessing message “LONG LIVE THE KING” and the emblem of the coronation at the front of the train. The celebration train is running out of 35 stations in both Silom lines and Sukhumvit line, covering inner area of Bangkok, in order to allow people to share their blessings and express loyalty to His Majesty King Rama X.

Inside the special trains, it has been decorated in gold yellow colour, together with Thai pattern and blessing message. Once the special train arrives at the platform screen door at the station, the display at the platform screen door will show the blessing message “LONG LIVE THE KING”. The two trains has started to run since 4 May 2019.

Additionally, BTS Group also organized an exhibition "132 Royal Projects relieving people form public suffering", showing the royal duties during the reign of King Rama 10. The exhibition is located at the walkway between BTS Chidlom Station and Siam Station, in front of the Gaysorn Village Shopping Center from today - 10 May 2019.

In this regard, on 5-6 May, BTS SkyTrain and BRT Rapid Bus have offered free services to people at all stations throughout the day, to express loyalty to His Majesty the King and facilitate people traveling to the important ceremonies, in order to appreciate the auspicious occasion which will be occurred once in the life of the Thai people.