Sustainability at BTS Group

The BTS Group announced its corporate sustainability policy as a guideline for the 4 business units to comply and implement. The guideline, covering the economic, social and environmental issues, is an important factor in the decision-making process in the business operations, adhering to transparency in accordance with good corporate governance practices, responsibility to the economy, society and environment, and stakeholder's expectations. This will generate not only long-term return on investment, but also contribute to the creation of a more sustainable society.

Sustainability Policy and Framework

The BTS Group Sustainability Policy and Framework has been operation guidelines for the 4 business units in align with our Vision, Mission, Values, Strategies and Long-Term Goals under the "City Solutions" concept for sustainable business development.

"The City Solutions concept"

is a sustainable corporate strategy for the BTS Group, covering in economic, social and environmental aspects. It aims to synergize power and potential of all 4 business units to develop products and services that perfectly fit and respond to the lifestyle of the city. The BTS Group has adopted this concept as the foundation of corporate culture as a guideline for business operations."

BTS Group Sustainability Strategy aligned with the "City Solutions" Concept

BTS Group has implemented its business in accordance with the sustainability strategy by synergizing the power and potentials across the 4 Business Units by mainly driven by Mass Transit Business, the Group's core business and significantly affects a wide range of stakeholders. The Synergy aims to create perfect-fit products and services providing the responsive city lifestyle in align with the "City Solutions" Concept.

Since commencing operations, the Bangkok Mass Transit System has proven itself by not only raising the international image of Bangkok, but also relieving traffic congestion and reducing transport energy consumption. Additionally with the principal role of Mass Transit, it supports in framing the direction of city expansion, as well as linking satellite suburban areas to the city center in a shorter-time transportation.

BTS Group has recognised the importance of participation at every level in the development of the city of the future, designed for living in balance and harmony. The city expansion helps facilitate more convenient urban lifestyles, which in turn forms part of the foundation for sustainable economic growth. Consequently, BTS Group has implemented and framed the Corporate Sustainability policies in a unified manner across the 4 core businesses of Mass Transit, Media, Property and Services, with all parties focused on achieving the same goals, as appropriate to their expertise and resources. All parties are required to conduct business with transparency and fair practice, giving importance to environmental management, living quality of employees, society and community, as well as providing a balance between the economy, society and the environment.

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