BTS Group wins Sustainability Disclosure Award 2019


BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited was awarded Sustainability Disclosure Recognition 2019 by Thaipat Institute owing to the public disclosure of the Company’s performances with transparency through its Sustainability Report. This demonstrates that BTS Group has placed importance to create sustainable business as well as focus on responsibility for the environment, society and governance (ESG).

Thaipat Institute has announced to award the Sustainability Disclosure Award 2019 to 84 listed companies and business organizations by considering from listed companies and business organizations, who are members in the sustainability disclosure community (SDC), publicly disclosing their financial and non-financial performances covering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) through Sustainability Report or other formats. This year’s Sustainability Disclosure Award is comprised of 27 Sustainability Disclosure Awards, 21 Sustainability Disclosure Recognition Awards and 36 Sustainability Disclosure Acknowledgement Awards.