VGI’s strategy is to become a well-diversified media platform with a focus on OOH Media, which includes Transit, Office, Outdoor, Aviation as well as Activation media, and to enhance its O2O solutions services via its “Digital Services Business”. VGI expects to offer increasingly expanding, data-enhanced, omni-channel media services that offer versatile, measurable and targeted advertising capabilities to better-address the business objectives of VGI’s customers.

BTSG also engaged in the Media business, which it operates via its majority-owned subsidiary, VGI Global Media PCL (VGI).

VGI is the leading Out-of-Home Media company in Thailand. It has an exclusive concession to manage advertising space on the core BTS stations. VGI has expanded to include broad touchpoints across the Out-of-Home (OOH) Media segment, such as managing advertising space in key offices and commercial buildings in Bangkok, street furniture, outdoor billboards, aviation and activation media. Accompanying this expansive, yet largely offline media inventory is VGI’s online, mainly payments-based data platform, the “Rabbit” ecosystem. The “Rabbit” ecosystem has developed from an offline transit card (the “Rabbit Card”) to become a versatile e-wallet including the Rabbit LinePay online payment channel within the dominant LINE messaging app. Both of these payment channels are being rapidly adopted by an expanding base of brick-and-mortar and online vendors. Through user engagement with the Rabbit ecosystem, psychographic metadata is generated, enabling VGI to offer omni-channel, Offline-to-Online (O2O) solutions that allow for more measurable and targeted advertising capabilities for VGI’s customers.

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